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Maintenance to complete frame off restoration, we have the facilities and technical proficiency to offer our customers the finest service available. Interested in frame on or off restoration, engine compartment detailing or complete interior restoration?  So are we. It doesn’t stop there. If the problem exists, we can fix it. Brake work, drive train repair, electrical diagnosis, suspension and so much more.  Stop in or call today to speak with a member of our team.



Is your engine tired, worn out or just plain under powered?? We have the knowledge and resources to rebuild or replace your engine. Or perhaps your engine just needs tuned up? We specialize in carburetor rebuild/replacement, ignition replacement and or upgrade, fuel pump and transmission repairs. Whatever the problem may be, we can get you up and running again!



Do half your lights no longer work? Does one headlight shine at the trees and one at the ground? We have the vintage tools that will place your beams back in proper position. Perhaps, your heater no longer turns on. Or maybe your dash switches or gauges are no longer functioning? We can troubleshoot and repair most electrical issues. We can also upgrade your lighting system with brighter LED modern technology. 



Is your cars suspension tired and or worn out? We have the capability of repairing or replacing your suspension components with OEM parts or upgrade to modern suspension (i.e. coil over springs, rack and pinion steering, etc.) Perhaps you want your car to handle and drive like a newer one? Modern suspension upgrades make a world of difference when it comes to enjoying driving your classic car.



If your clutch slips, smokes, chatters or won't shift into gear you probably need a replacement or repair. Maybe your transmission is leaking fluid, grinding when going into gear or jumps out of gear. We have the knowledge to rebuild your existing transmission or replace it with a new similar or upgraded model (i.e. Tremec 5-Speed or Automatic with Overdrive). If your rear end howls, drips oil or is the wrong ratio for highway cruising we have the fix. We can replace gears to accommodate your need for highway or track use. 



If your brakes are grabbing from side to side or failing completely we are able to repair or replace the components of your system. We offer OEM part replacement or upgrades to power brakes or modern four wheel disc, if desired. Our Wilwood disc brake packages are a very nice addition to your classic car! When upgrading to larger disc brakes often new larger diameter wheels are needed. We can also assist in helping you choose the correct wheel size to clear your new brakes and make your car stand out in a crowd!

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