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Another important 427 part brought to you by the 427 experts at Mike's Classic Cars.  1963-67 Ford galaxie exhaust flange.  These were laser cut using an original flange as a template.  It even has the laser cut marks, just like the originals.  Now-a-days they only offer a universal flange with an oval bolt pattern, however these are correctly cut and correct dimensions from the original 427 flange.  The bolt holes measure 3.5 inches C/C (center to center).  They are correct for 1963-67 Galaxie with the 427 engine with cast iron headers.  Physically these do fit a 406, 390 HI-PO header but we are unsure if they are 100% correct.  We don't have anything to confirm or deny this.  We also have been told they work of 427 Fairlane manifolds but I have not personally confirmed this either.


Shipping to the lower 48 states - $10

427 C.I. Exhaust Flanges

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