Saleen only built 500 of these special editions, and half were sold before production began in late 2006. This Saleen is number 388 out of 500. The styling is a dead ringer for one of the best-looking Mustangs of all time: Parnelli's '70 Trans-Am championship-winning Boss 302. The Saleen has approximately 5000 miles on the odometer since new.


It began when Parnelli came to Steve asking for a nice late-model Mustang. Parnelli wanted a fun car to drive. After racing with Saleen in the '80s, and with Saleen's headquarters close to Parnelli's Southern California stomping grounds, Steve's company was a logical place to go. Recognizing an opportunity when it came knocking, Steve answered with the 500-example run of the limited edition we see here. The car is wholly a Saleen production-it was designed, engineered, and produced in-house at Saleen, but Parnelli instigated the idea, gave the prototype a good thrashing during development, approved the car, and has taken a pair for his own use.


Saleen begins with a new Mustang GT, removes and disassembles its Three-Valve engine, and then rebuilds it using a forged-steel stroker crankshaft and connecting rods, as well as forged pistons. The cylinder heads are ported and fitted with more rpm-oriented camshafts, better valve springs, retainers, and such. Supporting pieces are underdrive pulleys, a more boisterous 211/42-inch stainless steel exhaust system, 24-lb/hr injectors, a 98mm mass airflow meter, and a more functional version of the late Mach 1 Shaker hoodscoop.


Inside, the orange and black seats dominate the initial impression, but the details pop out. The steering wheel is stock, but the center button is now a Saleen PJ medallion. It doesn't take long to see the PJ logo scribed on the weighty aluminum shift knob; the shifter it's mounted on is a short-throw unit. Peering into the instrument wells show that the instruments are recalibrated into PJ specials.


5.0 Tech Specs
Block Front Suspension
Stock aluminum K-member
Displacement Stock
302ci A-arms
Bore Stock
Stroke Caster/Camber
Cylinder Heads Stock
Stock, ported Struts
Crankshaft Saleen gas-filled
Saleen forged-steel Springs
Camshafts Saleen specific rate
Saleen Wheels
Intake Manifold Saleen Minilite-inspired aluminum;
Stock 19x9-in
Throttle Body Tires
Stock Pirelli PZero Rossas; 275/35-19
Power Adder Brakes
None 14-in slotted and vented discs,
Exhaust four-piston caliper
Saleen, 2.5-in stainless steel Rear Suspension
Fuel System Springs
Stock, 24-lb/hr injectors Saleen specific rate
Transmission Shocks
Stock five-speed manual Saleen gas-filled
Rearend Control Arms
8.8-in, 3.73 gears Stock
ELECTRONICS Saleen Minilite-inspired aluminum;
Engine Management 19x10-in
{{{Ford}}}, with Saleen Powerflash Tires
tuning Pirelli PZero Rossas; 285/40-19
Ignition Brakes
Stock 11.8-inch vented disc, single-piston
Instrumentation caliper
Saleen-Parnelli faced six-pack; Chassis Stiffening
{{{200}}} mph speedo, 7,000 rpm tach None
(6,500 rpm redline); two-gauge  
dashpod (oil pressure and