1962-64 Ford Galaxie XL Clutch/Brake Pedal Pads.

We couldn't find them...so we made them!!!  It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and we really found that out.  We specialize in the restoration of big 1960's Fords, and were constantly frustrated that we could never find nice clutch and brake pedal pads for the XL Galaxie's.  So we set out to make a perfect reproduction.  The result of that effort is pads that you can't tell from original.  Today we are offering you a pair of pads for a manual transmission Galaxie XL.  You can search the junk yards high and low, but I can tell you we probably found and used most of the good sets already, that's why we made these.  


Shipping to the lower 48 states - $9

1962 - 1964 Galaxie XL Clutch/Brake Pedal Pads